Over55.ca is the leading provider of No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance in Newfoundland & Labrador.

At this point you are probably asking yourself…why should I trust these guys? An excellent question that we all ask ourselves before buying anything! We could spend a bunch of time telling you about all the insurance that we can provide you. Any company could do that. That is not what separates us.

What separates us From all the others?

Our extensive line of insurance products gives you maximum choice, while maintaining the simplicity of having everything that you need in one place. However, that’s not what separates us from the others. Here’s what does….

  • Our agents are from Newfoundland. We only provide insurance in Newfoundland. We know the area, the people and the unique situations that most Newfoundlanders deal with better than any mainland outfit.
  • We think of you as a client, not just a sale. We’ll help you get the coverage that’s best for you. If we don’t carry it, we’ll tell you where to get it! Too good to be true? Keep reading…
  • We have tons of satisfied clients. We have satisfied clients in every corner of this province. If you need referrals, we have them. In fact we probably have a satisfied customer that doesn’t live far form you.

Our goal is simple

We want to make buying life insurance straightforward and easy to purchase. No matter your health, you can apply to get affordable coverage fast. We offer coverage up to $500,000 on our No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance plans. This means no medical exams and being able to get protected quickly. We also provide coverage up to $1 million – applying is quick and easy. Call us direct, toll-free as 1-877-967-4323 for a no-obligation, confidential quote