Provincial health insurance covers your medical expenses when you are home. Unfortunately, the cost of medical care when you are away from home – even in a neighboring province – can be substantial. A minor injury or illness can cost thousands of dollars. These risks are only multiplied if you are traveling in a foreign country. This includes the USA!

You should buy your Travel Medical Insurance Now….before you get caught up in the excitement and last minute preparations for your trip. Why Risk it? Don’t forget this important part of your worry-free trip.

Whether you are a Canadian resident, visitor to Canada, international student or a Canadian expatriate, we help protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to

  • a medical emergency or accident,
  • luggage loss,
  • or unforeseen trip cancellation.

As we never know when one will happen and it could cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t have the right protection. Make the smart choice! Get your travel insurance from Call today: 1-877-967-4323 A local agent will answer your call! You can also email us using the convenient form located directly above.

We have a variety of plans that will give you one less thing to think about while you are on your worry-free vacation.


  • More plan choices ensure we have the right plan for you,
  • Our policies cover up to $10 million for Canadian residents,
  • Competitive rates,
  • Easy to buy. You have the choice of phoning us directly,
  • Our plans include many valuable benefits including: Hospital confinement and medical services, Prescription medication, Emergency dental services, Emergency transportation, Return of Deceased, Registered Therapists, Meals and accommodation, Transportation of family or friend and Return of vehicle.